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Game Nite Bowling:
1st and 3rd Friday of the month
6:45pm-9pm @ The Chewelah Bowling Alley
$1/youth shoes | $1.50 adult shoes [we cover lanes, donations appreciated]

*** To be able to fund Bowling, we NEED to start raising funds. Mowing Yards & other "outdoor" work (raking, snow shovling etc)[coordinate w/R-mon], Change Drive [coordinate w/Jason] & anything else you can think of! *** Bowling Nites start back up the Friday after Labor Day [Sept. 11, 2015] at The Chewelah Bowling Alley, for bowling and hanging out, on the 1st & 3rd Friday of every month from 7pm - 9pm.*** NEW OFFICIAL CYC Facebook Page: (we know it's missing the '&' sign, it would not allow us to place it in the page's url) *** Interested in our e-mail newsletter? Drop us an email and let us know. They get emailed once a month!*** We need fund raising ideas and oppertunities. Please consider helping us? *** We are starting a push to get regular donors [ie people donating on a regular schedule]. Are you up to the challenge? ALL donors get recognized, unless they request otherwise. If interested, please email or call *** Keep your eyes and ears open for a HUGE Chewelah Tree of Sharing announcement coming very soon! ***

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Game Nite has changing ...

As of December 2014, we are no longer meeting at Abundant Life Fellowship ["the church"]. Between December [after we finished Chewelah Tree of Sharing for 2014] and February we were hard at work planning our future. Starting the 1st Friday in Feb. 2015, we will be bowling as a group on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month [$1 shoes for students, we cover the lane costs, extra donations always appreciated!]

We had some donations that allowed us to bowl for 6 months [the 1st half of 2015] and while we have enough funds to bowl one or two more nights [The bowling alley closes after Chataqua and reopens in September of every year, so we took the summer off from bowling. The reserve fund has adequet money to at least do our 1st bowling nite in September 2015, possibly the 2nd one as well. After that, we are broke] That means we need to secure funding to contine.

We are looking in to fund raisers, both on and off line. Our leaders tend to chip in, as do some "core youth" [core youth= youth who help out at a majority of the functions, ones who serve, help and make the program "their own"] we also have parents chip in when they can. That's the key phrase though, "when they can". We hope that if you are reading this, you might consider helping some? Email us or call us on our phone number. ALL donors are recognized unless they wish to remain anonymous.

Our average costs per bowling nite, based on the 1st half of 2015, is in the ranger of $125 - $165. Every little bit helps!

We are also looking in to meeting in houses, the parks [weather permitting of course] and exploring the possiblity of some new buildings to meet in!

The below info is being kept up for historical purposes. It gives a good overview of how our group has grown and the strength we have! Just because we are no longer using the church, doesn't mean we will cease to be. We are our own entity, never ran by the church. We are here, serving our youth and community, spreading hope and building a foundation for a better tomorrow, today!

*** Archive info on how Game Nite started ***

Game Nite:

What is game nite exactly? That's a good question. Let's first start with a little bit of history. At the time of this write up, Dec. 2012, we have had Game Nite running in some form for 4 years now!

History 101
We started with a small, 10 or so, group of guys who got together once a month to play video games, watch movies and play some sports. As more guys joined, we started pooling our money to get pizza's also.

After a year of having what we called 'Guys Nite' we decided it was unfair to the girls in town that they had nothing like Guys Nite. So we voted to have the girls join us for bowling [it was winter at the time]

Shortly there after, the church where Jason [and his family] go to offered the use of their basement. Thanks to Abundant Life Fellowship, we now had a loaction to play games and grow.

Now, at the almost 7 year mark, we average 65+ kids on Fri.'s [sometimes as many as 100]. We have a staff of about 15+ leaders [That includes Jr. Leaders]. All have been verified as safe to be around kids and they are all trained on site as we run the functions.

Info current as of March 2016